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About Us

For the lovers, the dreamers, & the believers. For the girl next door.

Lovingly handcrafted lingerie, brought to life through intricate and thoughtful design, that not only celebrates the natural curves of your body, but also fundamentally understands the need for everyday comfort and style.

Little Elle Lingerie pieces are made to wear everyday as an elevated foundation under your favourite T-Shirt and jeans combo, or as a standalone centre piece all on their own.

Our Story

Little Elle Lingerie officially launched in 2018 by founder & creative director, Alana Rowan (that’s me!), after not finding what I desperately wanted when shopping for lingerie.

Everything was either too sexy, too slutty, too boring, or too… out there. All the bras were either super uncomfortable, or super unsupportive. And all the bottoms were either super plain or super frumpy.

I wanted lingerie that was sexy, but still sweet. Something that was supportive, but also comfortable enough to wear all day. And intimates that just generally made me feel great about myself – inside & out!

So I rummaged through my fabric stash, found some lace and got to sewing. The result – a sweet scalloped edged triangle bra with a scalloped edge lace underband, and a sexy mini thong edged with black straps that I could adjust to sit higher or lower on my hips depending on what I was wearing. (Now known as the CAMILLA Lingerie Set)

It was the perfect combination of sweet & sexy, and I f-ing LOVED it!

This little lingerie set made me feel so great about myself, and I wanted more people to feel how I did! I had enough lace left to make a few more sets, so I took a few photos of the set I had made for myself and uploaded them to Etsy.

And *spoiler* – people bought them! And loved them as much as I did!

Fast forward a couple of years, and now I get to handcraft beautiful lingerie that not only celebrates the natural curves of women’s bodies everywhere, but is grounded in the fundamental belief that you can have both comfort AND style wrapped up in one sweet but sexy little lingerie package!

Our Handmade Ethos

All Little Elle Lingerie pieces are handmade to order using skills, techniques and knowledge I’ve learned throughout my years working in the fashion industry for some of the biggest brands across the bridal, lingerie and women’s fashion sectors.

Not only does this help us to reduce over production and waste in the fashion industry, but it also means you get an exclusive item that was made especially for you.

Our Process Website Graphic
Our Process Website Graphic Mobile

You order your dream lingerie, and spend the coming days thinking about just how great it’s going to make you feel. In fact, you’ve got a boost of confidence and a spring in your step just from the thought of it!

I receive your order confirmation and after doing the happy dance, I get busy behind the scenes.

I lay the fabric, cut out all the pattern pieces to your unique measurements or size, and sew everything up with meticulous care and attention to detail – all with my own two hands from my studio in Brisbane, Australia.

I then put on my quality control hat and check over every area of the garment with my eagle eyes to make sure everything is perfect.

Then to the packing station I go, where I pack your order and ship it off to it’s new forever home.

I wave goodbye with happy tears in my eyes, knowing it’s about to make you, it’s new owner, more confident and comfortable every time you wear it.