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About Us

Carefree, fun and modern lingerie made with the soundtracks of your life in mind. Little Elle Lingerie has an emphasis on staying sexy while also being comfy enough to wear all-day, every day. Made for the adventurous spirit, we design for the girl who always has music blaring in the background, knows the power of a good tune and has too many favourite vinyls to count. 

Made to fit your unique measurements, we specialise in made to order and custom made lingerie to suit your individual style and comfort needs. All pieces are handmade, packed and shipped with my own two hands from my Brisbane studio, with meticulous care and detail put into each and every piece. 

Established by Alana (that’s me!) to bring effortless lingerie to the marketplace. Lingerie that pairs back with music, in the same way a fine wine pairs back with a good cheese. Lingerie that is sexy and makes you look and feel confident even when you’re just lounging around the house, listening to music on a Sunday afternoon. Lingerie that is so comfortable, that you never want to take it off, because it was made for you, by me, with your unique measurements in mind. 

Follow us on our journey, and we’ll follow you on yours. And together we’ll be inspired by life, love, the classics and of course, rock ‘n’ roll!