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A deep dive into our classic lingerie bodysuit.

The CAMILLA Lingerie Bodysuit was born out of a need for a comfy, everyday piece that still made me feel sexy as hell.

I wanted to create something that was timeless too. A piece that I could continue to wear year after year (although I’ve been wearing mine a bit too much – I might need to replace it soon 😅) And something I could continue to make for many ladies, to make them feel like a sexy bad-ass too. 

And so the concept of the CAMILLA Lingerie Bodysuit was born. 

When I started to sketch ideas, I knew I wanted the focus to be on the lace. The CAMILLA black lace is so intricate and stunning and it has this amazing geometric pattern throughout – I just knew it needed to be front and center to really shine and have it’s moment. 

And have it’s moment it does.

I just LOVE how the circles in the lace cascade down the center of the body. Together with the ultra high cut 80’s leg, the CAMILLA Lingerie Bodysuit really elongates your legs – and legs for days is totally something I can get on board with! 

I’m also a fan of ease and comfort – and it’s something I think a lot of women have gone without when it comes to lingerie for WAAAYYY too long! 

Comfort is always a factor when I’m designing new pieces, but for the CAMILLA Lingerie Bodysuit, I knew I wanted her to be ULTRA comfortable. The type of comfortable that moulds to your body and makes you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. 

Que – super soft, super stretchy mesh. 

With 4-way stretch, the mesh really does mould to your natural curves, no matter your size or shape! It’s also super strong too. Meaning – no saggy back, bum or sides. Ew girl, no.

And finally, I wanted to make sure I could show off my new bodysuit out and about too. Which is why I decided to offer the option of lining the cups. Throw on a over-sized jacket, a pair of trusty jeans and you just got yourself a sexy AND comfortable date night outfit. 

Whoop whoop!

Dessert menu please! 🍰

Snag the CAMILLA Lingerie Bodysuit for yourself here.